Invited Sessions

Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th


Monday 10th


IS8: Statistical Methods for Precision Medicine

11.00-12.30 hrs. (estimated) - Room: TBA

Organised by Marie Davidian, North Carolina State University, USA


  • Kelley Kidwell, University of Michigan, USA - SMART Clinical Trial Design for Tailored Treatment Guidelines
  • Eric Laber, Carolina State University, USA - Sample Size Considerations for Precision Medicine

  • Erica Moodie, McGill University, Quebec, Canada - Personalizing Immunosuppressant Regimes Following Transplantation




IS7: Methods in Research on Research

14.00-15.30 hrs. (estimated) - Room: TBA

Organised by Els Goetghebeur, Ghent University, Belgium


  • John Ioannidis, Stanford University, USA - Lessons from Meta-Epidemiological Assessments
  • Isabelle Boutron, Paris Descartes University, France - The Peer Review Process. Why Evidence Based Practices Are Needed
  • Patrick Bossuyt, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands - Twisting “Spin”: How to Avoid or Attenuate Exaggerated Claims in Reports of Biomarker Studies 




IS2: Beyond Proportional Hazards

16.00-17.30 hrs. (estimated) - Room: TBA

Organised by Lee-Jen Wei and Tianxi Cai, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, USA


  • Hajime Uno, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA - RMST Methodology: Beyond Simple Two-Sample Comparisons
  • Brian Claggett, Harvard Medical School, USA - Non-Parametric Estimation of LongTerm Treatment Benefit from a Randomized Controlled Trial

  • Ludovic Trinquart, French Cochrane Center and INSERM, France - Non-inferiority trials with time-to-event outcomes: design based on the restricted mean survival times

  • Discussant: Marc Buyse, CluePoints and International Drug Development Institute (IDDI), Belgium





Tuesday 11th


IS6: Joint Modelling in Practice

09.00-10.30 hrs. (estimated) - Room: TBA

Organised by Carmen Cadarso, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain


  • Giampiero Marra, University College London, United Kingdom - Semiparametric Copula-Based Regression Models
  • Dimitris Rizopoulos, Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Joint Models with Multiple Longitudinal Outcomes and a Time-to-Event

  •  Francisco Gude, University Hospital Complex of Santiago de Compostela, Spain - Joint Modelling Approaches in Diabetes Research




IS5: Complex Survival Data

11.00-12.30 hrs. (estimated) - Room: TBA

Organised by Ronald Geskus, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands


  • Luis Meira-Machado, University of Minho, Portugal - Estimation of the Transition Probabilities in Non-Markov Models: New Contributions and Software Development
  • Virginie Rondeau, INSERM, France - The Use of Tumor Dynamics and New Lesions to Predict Survival with Multivariate Joint Frailty Models 

  • Hein Putter, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands - Robustness Properties of the (Landmark) Aalen-Johansen Estimator




Wednesday 12th


IS3: Biostatistics for High Dimensional Data

09.00-10.30 hrs. (estimated) - Room: TBA

Organised by Jeanine Houwing-Dustermaat, University of Leeds, United Kingdom


  • Pietro Lio, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom - An integrative network-based analysis of multi-omics for survival cancer data
  • Hae Won Uh, Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands - Latent Variable Modelling for Multiple Omics Data
  • John Whittaker, Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals, United Kingdom - Genomics and Drug Discovery 



IS1: Bayesian Methods in Clinical Research

15.00-16.30 hrs. (estimated) - Room: TBA

Organised by Carmen Armero, University of Valencia, Spain


  • Heinz Schmidli, Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland - Bayesian Evidence Synthesis for Extrapolation in Clinical Research
  • Peter Müller, University of Texas at Austin, USA - A Population-Finding Design with Covariate-Dependent Random Partitions 

  • Lisa Hampson, Lancaster University, United Kingdom - Use of Bayesian Approaches for Extrapolating from Adult Efficacy Data to Design and Interpret Confirmatory Trials in Children




IS4: Clinical Trial Simulations: the When, Where and What

17.00-18.30 hrs. (estimated) - Room: TBA

Organised by Geraldine Rauch, University of Heidelberg, Germany


  • Frank Konietschke, University of Dallas, USA - Parametric and Nonparametric Bootstrap Methods for General MANOVA
  • Tim Friede, Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany (Co-author: Norbert Benda, BfArM, Bonn) - A Framework for Simulations in Clinical Research with Applications in Small Populations and Rare Diseases

  • Antje Jahn, University of Mainz, Germany - Simulating Recurrent Event Data with a Calendar Time Scale




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