Instructions for Presenting Authors


Oral Presentations


Eight  invited  sessions  and  forty-two  oral  contributed  sessions  will  take  place  at  the  ISCB2017 conference. You can find the session in which your presentation is scheduled on the website of the conference and in the conference programme


  • The  length  of  oral  contributed  presentations  is  15  minutes,  followed  by  3  minutes  of discussion. For invited presentations, the respective session organiser determines the time.
  • The  chair  of  your  session,  who  will  also  keep  track  of  time  and  lead  the  discussion,  will introduce each presentation.
  • You are requested to report to the Speaker-Ready Zone (2nd floor) at least 60 minutes prior to the start of your session (preferably the day before) to make sure that your presentation will be uploaded to the computer provided in the lecture room. An audio-visual technician will assist you and assign your file to the correct session folder.
  • Prepare  your  presentation  as  pdf  or  PowerPoint.  Please,  bring  your  presentation  in  a  USB stick.  
  • You  are  requested to  be  in  the  assigned  lecture room  10  minutes  prior  to  the  start  of  your session to meet the chairperson and receive final instructions, if any.
  • The use of computers provided by the conference organisation is mandatory for both invited and  oral  contributed  presentations.  No  personal  laptop  or  notebook  computers  will  be allowed.  


Equipment in the lecture rooms: 

  • One stand-alone computer
  • Projection system
  • One laser pointer
  • One wireless microphone (only Auditorium, Sala Mar 2 and Sala Terra 2 rooms) 



Poster Presentations


Eight poster sessions will take place in the main hall of the conference venue. They are scheduled from Monday to Wednesday in parallel to the invited and oral contributed sessions. You can find the session  in which  your  poster  is  scheduled  on  the  website  of  the  conference and in the conference programme.   

This  year,  the  Scientific  Programme  Committee  (SPC)  aims  to  put  poster  presentations  in  a prominent  place  and  increase  their  visibility  during  the  conference.  During  each  poster  session, poster  presenters  are  requested  to  give  a  3-minute  oral  presentation,  followed  by  1-minute discussion. A chairperson will keep track of time and lead the discussion. In addition, the SPC would like to encourage poster presenters to record in advance a short video summarizing the content of the poster. The videos should be first uploaded to Google Drive, and then shared with us. All videos will be made accessible on both the conference website and app. In that way anyone can see your presentation at any time.  


Poster presentation guidelines: 

  • Size of posters: DIN A0 – maximum 84 cm (wide) x 119 cm (high).
  • Please place the title and the authors at the top of your poster.
  • Please indicate the presenting author if different from the first author.
  • You  are requested  to  hang  your  poster  at the  poster  board marked  with  the  corresponding code at least 15 minutes before the start of your session (preferably, at the beginning of the assigned day). Adhesive double-sided tape will be provided on-site.
  • At  the  end  of  the  assigned  day,  you  are  requested  to  remove  your  poster  from  the  poster board.
  • Please, stay nearby your poster during your poster session.  


Mini oral presentations: 

  • 3-minute oral presentation, followed by 1-minute discussion.
  • A chairperson will keep track of time and lead the discussion.


Best Poster Awards:

The SPC delegates will choose the best poster presented at each poster contributed session. The design and contents of the poster and the author’s presentation itself will be important. The eight winners will be awarded with a diploma and free attendance to the Conference Dinner.

Besides, several of the eight awarded presenting authors, chosen at random, will be gifted a voucher book up to 100 EUR (sponsored by Springer and Wiley) or 100 GBP (sponsored by CRC Press).



Video (optional):


To upload your video  to  Google  Drive  and  share  it  with  the  organizers,  please  follow  the  steps below:

  • Record  your  poster  video.  We  recommend  the  video  to  be  shorter  than  2  minutes.  Videos longer than 5 minutes will not be accepted.
  • Login  into  a  Google  account.  It  is  not  possible  to  upload  a  presentation  to  Google  Drive without logging in.
  • Upload your video to Google Drive.
  • Right-click  the  video,  choose  "Get  shareable  link"  and  click  "Sharing  settings".  Make  sure that “Link sharing on” is set to "Anyone with the link can view".
  • Click  "Copy  link"  and  e-mail  it  to,  with  subject  Poster  Video, followed by your abstract ID number. The deadline for submission is June 15, 2017.    


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