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We thank Michel Hof, Zdenek Valenta, Geir Egil Eide, David W. Warne, Hans Hockey, Nadine Binder and everybody at the ISCB2017 Local Organising Committee for sharing their photos.

Thanks also to those publically sharing pics through #iscb2017 hashtag on Twitter.

Saturday 8th July

08-preliminaries-100 (1) 08-preliminaries-100 (2) 08-preliminaries-100 (3)
08-preliminaries-100 (4) 08-preliminaries-100 (5) 08-preliminaries-100 (7)
08-preliminaries-01 08-preliminaries-02 08-preliminaries-03
08-preliminaries-04 08-preliminaries-05

Sunday 9th July


  • Conference Venue


09-preliminaries-100 09-registration 09_conference venue
  • Pre-conference Courses
09-courses-01 09-courses-02 09-courses-04


  • ExCom


09-excom 09-excom-100 09-ExCom-dinner-01
09-ExCom-dinner-02 09-ExCom-dinner-101
  • Students´ Gathering
09-studentsgathering-01 09-studentsgathering-03 09-studentsgathering-04
09-studentsgathering-05 09-studentsgathering-didyouknow 09_students gathering-09
09_students gathering-17 09_students gathering-40

Monday 10th July


  • Conference Venue


10-opening-00 10-opening-01 10-opening-02
10-opening-02 10-opening-04 10-opening-05
10-opening-06 10-opening-07 10-opening-08
10-opening-09 10-opening-10 10-opening-100
10-opening-101 10-opening-3000 10-opening-3001
10-opening-from-stage 10-senn-01 10-senn-02
10-senn-100 10-coffee-01 10-registration
10-lunch-01 10-OC9-01 10-sponsor-crc
10-PC1-01 10-PC1-02 10-PC3-01
10-PC3-02 10-PC3-03


  • Welcome Reception


10-welcome-01 10-welcome-3000 10-welcome-flags
10-welcome-02 10-welcome-06 10-welcome-07
10-welcome-03 10-welcome-05 10-welcome-04
10-welcome-08 10-welcome-09 10-welcome-10
10-welcome-11 10-welcome-12 10-welcome-13
10-welcome-14 10-welcome-3000 (1) 10-welcome-3000 (2)
10-welcome-3000 (3) 10-welcome-100 10-welcome-101

Tuesday 11th July


  • Conference Venue


11-coffee-01 11-IS5-01 11-lunch-01
11-lunch-02 11-lunch-03 11-OC8-02
11-OC18 11-OC18-03 11-OC27
11-PC4 11-PC5-01 11-poster
11-venue 11-venue-100 11-volunteers


  • Excursion - Cíes Islands


11-cies-00 11-cies-01 11-cies-02
11-cies-03 11-cies-04 11-cies-05
11-cies-07 11-cies-08 11-cies-10
11-cies-11 11-cies-12 11-cies-13
11-cies-14 11-cies-16 11-cies-21
11-cies-22 11-cies-23 11-cíes-3000 (1)
11-cíes-3000 (2) 11-cíes-3000 (3) 11-cíes-3000 (4)
11-cíes-3000 (5) 11-cíes-3000 (6) 11-cíes-3000 (7)
11-cíes-3000 (8) 11-cíes-3000 (9) 11-cíes-3000 (10)
11-cíes-3000 (11) 11-cíes-3000 (12) 11-cíes-3000 (13)
11-cíes-3000 (14)


  • Excursion - Santiago de Compostela


11-santiago-01 11-santiago-02 11-santiago-03
11-santiago-04 11-santiago-05 11-santiago-06
11-santiago-07 11-santiago-08 11-santiago-09
11-santiago-10 11-santiago-11 11-santiago-12
11-santiago-13 11-santiago-14 11-santiago-15


  • Excursion - Albariño Wine Valley


11-baiona-01 11-baiona-03 11-baiona-04
11-baiona-05 11-baiona-06 11-baiona-08
11-baiona-10 11-baiona-11 11-baiona-12


  • Excursion - Miño River Cycling Trail


11-byke-01 11-byke-02 11-byke-03
11-byke-04 11-byke-05 11-byke-06
11-byke-07 11-byke-08 11-bike-2000
11-bike-2001 11-bike-2002 11-bike-2003
11-bike-2004 11-bike-2006 11-bike-2007

Wednesday 12th July


  • Conference Venue


12-dominici-01 12-dominici-02 12-dominici-03
12-dominici-04 12-dominici-05 12-dominici-2000
12-AGM-1 12-AGM-2 12-01
12-coffee-01 12-coffee-02 12-coffee-05
12-farewell-01 12-coffee-07 12-lunch-02
12-lunch-03 12-OC41 12-PC8-01
12-PC8-02 12-PC8-03 12-springer
12-wiley 12-coffee-2000


  • Conference Dinner


12-dinner-01 12-dinner-02 12-dinner-03
12-dinner-04 12-dinner-06 12-dinner-07
12-dinner-08 12-dinner-09 12-dinner-10
12-dinner-11 12-dinner-12 12-dinner-14
12-dinner-15 12-dinner-16 12-dinner-100
12-dinner-17 12-dinner-18 12-dinner-19
12-dinner-2000 12-dinner-21 12-dinner-20
12-CASC-dinner 12-dinner-22 12-dinner-24
12-dinner-25 12-dinner-101 12-dinner-26
12-dinner-27 12-dinner-28 12-dinner-31
12-dinner-32 12-dinner-33 12-dinner-34

Thursday 13th July


  • Mini-symposia


13-01 13-02 13-coffee-02
13-SY1-01 13-SY1-1326 13-SY2-01
13-SY2-100 13-SY3-01 13-SY3-1154


  • Students' Day


13-SD-01 13-SD-02 13-SD-03
13-SD-04 13-SD-05 13-SD-06
13-SD-1000 (1) 13-SD-1000 (2) 13-SD-1000 (3)
13-SD-1000 (4) 13-SD-10 13-SD-11

Friday 14th July

14-missing-vigo-01 14-missing-vigo-02


1 2 3
4 3 6
7 11-cies-15 10-welcome-15


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