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How to have a fun personality

How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating? And how sizzling chat you use a proper noun?

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Think you're cool, do ya? Well, according to a leading academic, there are five key personality traits that make up a fun, likable person. And — good news for you out there with disgusting cincinnati sexy chat — you can fake it til you make it. Glenn Geher Ph. Mental health is so easy!

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Just like the overarching Big Fives, you can think about each of these qualities existing on a spectrum. Geher also explains that creative minds often rise to the surface as the type of lively, observant folks you want to say a toast at your wedding, or act as your buffer during awkward convos. Sure, there might be rare social unicorns out there who exhibit all of free sex chat araraquara traits at once.

Each sitcom clown found a way to be fun on their own terms: awkward silences included. Become an Insider.

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