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Central Data Catalog. Studies have shown that, both their commercial and non — commercial partners are sources of STI infections and other diseases.

Regular health seeking behaviour to health facility has been proven to remarkably reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted infections STIs and therefore its important for the success of any STI control. Chatroom teens recent review of research on stigma and discrimination against Female CSWs revealed that this le to their exclusion in the use of health facility.

This study is therefore deed to assess the health seeking behavior of sex workers in Adum in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Objectives: This study seeks to assess the health seeking behaviour among commercial sex workers in Adum in the Ashanti Region; determine the association between socio demographic characteristics of commercial sex workers age, educational level, mutual masterbation chat children and utilization of prostitutes in kumasi contact care facility; identify sources of healthcare utilized by commercial sex workers; examine commercial sex workers perception of various healthcare options; identify health conditions often experienced and assess the health action taken when sick.

Methods: A cross-sectional study on health seeking behavior among commercial sex workers was conducted among female sex workers in Adum-Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

Information gathered included socio-demographic, sources of healthcare utilized, perception of various healthcare options and health action taken when sick. : Out of the respondents, all had history of malaria infection. With regards to Candidiasis, For Hepatitis and Diabetes, all respondents indicated that they did not have these two ailments.

A binary logistic regression analysis was used to determine the need a covington hour friend talk between socio-demographics and utilization of orthodox health facility, the showed that only education had a ificant relation with utilization of orthodox health facility and this was highly reported by those who had tertiary education.

Conclusion: This study has identified some of the factors, which hinder the health seeking behaviour of commercial sex workers.

texting chat rooms Most of the respondents self- medicate because there are no strict rules in Ghana governing the purchase of antibiotics in the drug stores, pharmacy shops and from drug peddlers. Treatment is sought as soon as symptoms occur and boob chat is a good behavior demonstrated by the sex workers in the brothel.

Recommendations: District Health Management teams should develop interventions that will enable commercial sex workers to understand the importance of using health facility in cases of any disease condition. Since this study did not include qualitative study, further studies asian chat rooms include mixed methods of health seeking behavior and associated factors.

Portia Durowaa Boateng. Ghana - Demographic and Health Survey